Automated installation (SMD, BGA, QFN)

Installation and assembly area for working with printed circuit boards has been modernly equipped with facilities

In 2014 an Automatic surface mounting line was put into operation. It includes:

Automatic component installer MYDATA MY100LX, made by Mycronic (Sweden) is able to install components at the speed up to 15 000 comp./h. and it ensures accurate component installation from 0201 up to BGA, QFN, QFP chips weighing up to 140 g.


Semi-automatic screen printer UNIPRINT-GO3 with a magnetic table for double-sided printed circuit boards is motorized with squeegee drive and a system of vertical board separation. Control is carried out with the help of the built-in controller.


1707mk III convection reflow system made by HELLER includes 7 heating zones (7 at the top and 7 at the bottom sides) that lets you adjust the smoothest temperature change. Maintaining the temperature in the working area up to 350 C for no-lead units' soldering.

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