SMD surface mount devises


The company "IPC SpecAvtomatiki" carries out the installation of printed circuit boards automatically on the surface mounting line, as well as manually - using certified equipment from leading manufacturers. Due to the high qualifications of specialists and experience in this field, customers are guaranteed the appropriate assembly quality of electronic modules. The company accepts orders for lots of any size (large, medium, small) and prototype production.

We carry out a full range of works in production for:

  • preparation of raw materials and surfaces;
  • verification of incoming technical documentation;
  • automatic surface installation of SMD components, including BGA, QFN types, followed by quality control at the X-ray control unit;
  • cleaning of printed circuit assemblies from flux residues and ionic contamination;
  • manual assembly of elements on a PCB;
  • auxiliary processes such as gluing, banding, etc .;
  • technical quality control of installation processes;
  • repair of PP and auxiliary products;
  • manual assembly of SMD printed circuit boards;
  • firmware, testing and configuration of ready-made PCBs;
  • applying a moisture-proof coating to printing units manually with a brush, dipping or by aerosol spraying in a painting booth.

Benefits of SMT

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is a surface mount technology (SMT). This term is often confused with SMD (Surface Mount Device), but the latter abbreviation refers to the devices themselves and surface-mounted components. They are sometimes referred to as chip components. Thus, SMD should be understood as an object, and SMT - the technology of its installation.

SMT mounting has many advantages over the THT method (Throuth Hole Technology), which places parts in holes. Among its main advantages:

  • Compact size of printed circuit boards. Surface mount components are lightweight and can be installed on both sides of the board. That is, it is possible to reduce the dimensions of the PCB itself and, accordingly, to make the entire printed circuit unit smaller and, as a consequence, to increase the portability of the end devices.
  • Simplicity and efficiency of technological operations. Pins are no longer needed for SMD parts. They are fixed with glue or solder paste. In addition, the installation can be carried out automatically without manual human labor, which can significantly reduce the time of installation processes, as well as reduce the likelihood of harmful effects of static.

  • Improving the quality of signal transmission. Dense double-sided placement of components provides a reduction in lead length, as a result of which the quality characteristics of finished assemblies are significantly improved.
  • Increased maintainability. An important advantage of SMD surface mounting is the ability to quickly remove and reinstall any element without damaging the rest. There is no need to warm up and clean the solder, as is the case with the THT method. It is enough to influence the surface with hot air.
  • Cost minimization. Compact PCBs require low material consumption, in particular for packaging. In addition, automated production allows several times to speed up the technological process and eliminate the risk of defects due to the "human factor".
  • When the boards are launched onto the automatic SMD assembly line, the boards are multiplied (located on one workpiece with a jumper connection). Thus, the time for loading and unloading boards into the installer is reduced, which at one time assembles all the boards on a multiplied workpiece. This provides tremendous time savings, especially in the case of small assemblies.
  • However, SMD surface mounting is only beneficial for high volume production. When used outside the enterprise, radio amateurs, radio mechanics and electronics engineers can face a number of difficulties.

    Installation features

    The specialists of the "IPC SpecAvtomatiki" company provide a professional approach to manual and automatic installation of ERI on the PP. We offer a comprehensive service including assembly, installation of SMD components, setting and testing, moisture protection of printed circuit boards. You can also contact us on issues related to prototyping, development of design documents and stencils for the implementation of software. The cost for one soldering point of printed circuit boards (using automatic technology) check with our specialists.

    We guarantee the correct fulfillment of all requirements of regulatory and technical documentation:

    • SMT with element output pitch from 0.5 mm or standard size from 0402;
    • installation of components using the THT method;
    • production of boards using combined technology.

    Surface and pinout mounting of SMD components is carried out using the MYDATA MY100 LXe automatic installer, equipped with high-speed manipulators of the HYDRA type, as well as a high-precision MIDAS head, which provides both mechanical and optical centering.

    Reflow is carried out in a Mark III Heller series convection oven with nine zones, which allows you to adjust the thermal profile for lead and lead-free soldering with full, smooth heating and cooling without thermal shock. In addition, the production is equipped with equipment from world market leaders such as "MYDATA", "GENITEC TECHNOLOGY", "CAB", "Uniprint (PBT)", "Scientific and Technical Center" Magistr-S "LLC," HELLER "and" National Instruments " and etc.

    The presence of functional automatic installers of SMD components is a guarantee of full compliance of SMT technology with international standards. Thanks to their housing structure, SMD elements are optimally suited for this type of installation. Manual installation of SMD components will always be inferior to automatic, although it is justified with a small number of PCBs.

    Why is it worth cooperating with us?

    LLC "IPC SpecAvtomatiki" has its own production facilities and carries out professional installation in St. Petersburg. Due to its wide specialization and the availability of modern equipment, LLC "IPC SpecAvtomatiki" accepts orders for both large-scale production of products and the release of small batches for customers throughout Russia. Each customer can be guided by their individual needs, guaranteeing an optimal result.

    Manufactured products are subject to mandatory testing. Control is carried out at all technological stages. Maximum attention is paid to each order, regardless of its volume and urgency. Compliance of the technical features of the product with the assigned tasks is ensured by detailed coordination of all nuances at the stage of registration of the application.

    We carry out work of any complexity, including urgent orders for PCB assembly, modification and replication.

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