We are about "IMDS 2019": an inside look


The Ninth international naval salon "IMDS 2019" was held from 10 to 14 July 2019. What did we do there and what was interesting? How many participants visited our stand? Have we found potential customers? What are the employees ' impressions of the event?

Our company took an active part in an international exhibition for the first time. This was new for us, so we started preparing in April. In the beginning, there were a lot of unclear questions: what to focus on, what pitfalls there may be. Not mentioning the fact that we had much paperwork.

There was serious work to do. All the heads of the company's divisions were involved into the preparation for the exhibition. Their teams developed a demonstration material that showed the level of our technological competence. We filmed the production process. We will show you the videos soon.

A separate item is the redesign of the company's website. And we have just managed to do it by the beginning of the exhibition. Who hasn't seen it yet — welcome! Here we will regularly post company news and cover important events. And now about our stand. We performed together with our partners ZAO "IST": they are product developers, and we are manufacturers. Some of the results of our hard work were shown in a showcase uniting our stands. Have you been to the «Erarta»? It was the place that inspired us to create a stand in the style of minimalism. In a limited space we tried to create a prototype of the gallery and tell people about our services in a simple and affordable way. This is our principle when working with our partners. Ordering a service, our client completely forgets about the problems. We will solve everything and issue the finished product. On the screens we demonstrated how each stage of production goes. Next to each screen there was a layout that everyone could hand, touch and see the quality of our specialists' work.

📌 What was interesting in the end?

That's all! We met interesting people from the industry, exchanged contacts with potential clients, and got many offers from development companies, marketing, and presentations.

It is interesting that on the third day we became more recognizable. This became clear when communicating with the participants of the exhibition we said: "I am a representative of IPCSA... "we were quickly answered:" Yes, we know! We have seen you and already know about your services."

We got a lot of experience from the exhibition "IMDS 2019". Our employees, who did not work directly at the stand, visited the exhibition with great pleasure. Now we are back in the office and will work on new projects with renewed energy and inspiration.
These are the photos from the exhibition: vk.com/album-182808445_264298986
It was cool — it will be better! See you

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