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Digest for June 2019

It's always interesting to learn something new, isn't it? So we thought so and decided to tell you about the most-the most news in our humble way once a month .

  • The translator headset lets you break down the language barrier.
In appearance – these are ordinary wireless headphones. But in fact, the $ 219 WT2 Plus is an indispensable device for any traveller – a wireless translator headset. The headset is connected to an Android or iOS smartphone using Bluetooth and is paired with a mobile app, through which the user can select a language and follow spoken phrases.

  • Delivery of goods using drones and robot dogs.

Continental offers to approach the issue of delivery of goods using two components: an unmanned vehicle, the size of a small van, and a group of compact delivery robots.
Both components of this idea are electrified, autonomous and can be built on the basis of the same scalable technologies. This synergy can offer an amazing potential for deploying integrated systems for urban goods delivery .

  • The first fully functional flexible smartphone.

You have read everything correctly. Relatively unknown company Royale bypassed Samsung and demonstrates a fully working gadget with a flexible screen, folding in half. And what's more, this device is already on sale.

The main innovation here, of course, is a wear-resistant AMOLED display with a fairly stable battery that can withstand the process of folding many times. Royale says the screen is capable of providing 200,000 bends.
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