IPSCA products on ships


We want to introduce you to the projects we produce our units for.
The subject of this article is ships.
First of all, these are small rocket ships of the 22800 project. Thanks to the development of such small, but very powerful ships, the effectiveness of countering NATO not only at sea, but also on land increases — they are able to hit almost all sea and land targets in Europe.

All you need to know about the equipment on the ship:

  • General detection radar "Mineral-M" in a radio-transparent fairing;
  • Mr-123 "Vimpel" fire control radar";
  • Opto-electronic surveillance device;
  • Navigation radar Mr-231 " PAL 4";
  • Hydroacoustic complex with gas detection of underwater swimmers " Pallada";
  • Digital radio communication complex.

18 rocket ships of this project are planned to be built by 2026. They will be used in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Pacific fleets.

We also produce radio-electronic equipment for communication systems of project 1164 missile cruisers. These ships are among the most powerful in their class. They are armed with anti-ship missiles with a powerful warhead and a range of 550 km. They can destroy even such a large and protected target as an aircraft carrier.

The anti-ship missile is equipped with a remote control system and an onboard electronic counteraction station for the air defense of the attacked ship.
Do you want to know who else we produce products for? In our groups in social networks we have already told you about helicopters, links for those who want to know more https://www.instagram.com/p/ByZd23un36s/ , https://vk.com/ipcsa?w=wall-182808445_11
Soon we will tell you who else we can make the product for.

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