X-ray television monitoring

To ensure the highest quality of controlled products, "IPC SpecAvtomatiki" actively uses the X-ray television method of non-destructive testing, which allows revealing hidden flaws and flaws in the structure of printed circuit boards or products. The X-ray television method is a typical technological operation for many of the company's products.

Principle of operation and advantages

A high resolution digital X-ray detector that converts the X-ray radiation into an image on the screen, making it visible to the naked eye. Everything happens in real time without the use of expensive and difficult-to-use film systems of the past generations.


photographs of the working field of the X-ray facility and the digital detector above it


The X-ray television method of non-destructive testing allows you to quickly inspect possible installation defects and, if necessary, make changes to the chain of technological processes to ensure the highest quality products.

 - an example of a BGA microcircuit control

 - an example of control of the filling of the thermal site of a QFN-microcircuit with solder

 - an example of monitoring the internal structure of an integrated circuit

 - examples of incoming inspection of a suitable integrated circuit


Features of the method

This method is also highly effective for incoming inspection. It allows you to identify:

  • counterfeit products,
  • check the components for internal defects prior to assembly,
  • check the repeatability of technological processes in the manufacture of a component.


Counterfeit examples

Vivid examples of counterfeit products identified at the entrance control, namely:

- an example of poor quality internal welding. Deformation and multiple tears

- complete absence of internal welding

 - complete absence of internal welding and one of the crystals of an integrated microcircuit

 Our specialists have passed the appropriate certification for non-destructive X-ray television testing. They are highly professional and have the necessary skills to carry out activities effectively.


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