X-ray printed circuit boards control

X-ray systems were previously associated only with medical sphere of activity but in modern life they are more used in high-technology industries.
Now they are in damand in those fields of mass production where integrity of individual components and connections control, unavailable for means of visual check, is of great importance. Considering high mounting density and broad application of leadless chip components with solder joint under the package and BGA chips the x-ray control is necessary. Our company's services enable this control realization.

Methods of control in the process of making PCB

While making printed circuit assembly a lot of simple but effective schemes of «pilot sample» are used in many manufactures. It means strict control and approval of the first product released from the production line conveyor. All other consignment of goods produced from the automated installation line are the copies of pilot sample. But even the thorough visual control can't detect such defects as air bubbles (cavities) inside solder joints, output-to-output jumpers and solder spreading under the component body and also disorder in the integrity of integrated circuit conductors.

In order to avoid such defects our production process is controlled by radiography. Thus we detect production defects that are not visually seen but can lead to node failures and reducing the overall operational life of the equipment.
Х-ray control of printed circuit boards provides a contrast x-ray image of the controlled area and the tomography option allows you to examine a single component and study its internal structure.< /p>

Сontrol is performed by certified flaw detectors proven in the field of military production and having great experience in this field. While controlling they find hidden defects, analyze the soldered connection in auto mode, and the parts that need thorough investigation are checked in manual mode.

The used equipment and its capabilities

Х-ray control of printed components is carried out with the help of high-tech facility «Y. COUGAR» - a microfocus x-ray machine with digital detector, made by the company «YXLON».

The rotary detector system let you take control at any angle providing wide control angles. The adjustable radiation intensity monitoring system helps to control both lead and lead-free solder joints maintaining contrast of the image without highlighting the desired fragments.

The main types of x-ray control

  • Quality control of BGA soldering;
  • Control of pins position relative to the contact pad;
  • Evaluation of cavity content inside soldered joints;
  • Solder spreading control on the contact and heat-removing areas;
  • Assessment of the integrity and condition of chip internal welding;
  • VIA of PCB control.

The advantages of our services

To ensure the quality of manufactured production, our company carries out an obligatory technological x-ray control at certain stages of printed components manufacturing. That's why it's better to contact LLC «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki» employees who will operatively take all necessary control measures using proven methods of inspection control.
Inspection control — is a comprehensive procedure of the integrity assessing, operation safety and functionality of products with a detailed protocol in the result. It contains the description of found defects. If optical, x-ray and visual control hasn't found the defects, a certificate of conformity is issued with the excerpts from IPC-standards confirming the quality of the inspected products.
Our company also conducts qualitative research on the integrated circuits installation with BGA and leadless chip components.
Аfter the research a customer is given a detailed report with the description of control measures, x-ray images in digital format, explanation to them and general conclusion.


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