Checking ERI IP for counterfeit goods

Now the use of foreign electronic component base in Russian units of radio-electronic equipment is an objective reality.

Fraud with electronic component base is widespread on the Russian market of electronic goods. Counterfeit and fake parts are sold as products of good quality. The use of such counterfeit products leads to a big crease in quality up to complete failure. Electronics laboratory testing for counterfeit avoids such consequences.

According to the requirements of existing regulating documents foreign electronic units check is done on the basis of the Decision on the application of electronic component base of foreign production, which marks that the planned use of electronic has to pass certification tests for compliance with the requirements of national standards minding external factors.

Chips are forged most oftenfrom all electronic components because of their high price.

The main types of counterfeit chips are:

  • Cloned chips. This type of chip is manufactured by companies counterfeiting original components. Mostly it is a Chinese fake without any quality guarantee
  • Chips with replaced or missing crystal. The logic of such chips does not correspond to the one described in the datasheet or the product is inoperable.
  • Used but re-marked chips. These chips may have run out of resources and the reliability of such components is very low.

The operation parameters of counterfeit products do not correspond to the declared ones. Military equipment items containing counterfeit do not meet the high requirements imposed on them. This leads to product failures during and after resistance tests to external factors and at work.

Methods of electronic components testing for counterfeit can be about:

  • Checking the appearance (visual inspection)
  • Dimensions checking and outline
  • Marking clearance
  • Non-destructive control (X-ray check)
  • Value checking

The use of these methods will minimize risks of using counterfeit electronic components and their negative consequences.

«IPC SpetsAvtomatiki» has its own testing laboratory accredited in the voluntary certification system of electronic equipment electronic components and materials for military, dual and economic application "Elektrosert"; testing laboratory of «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki» received Certificate of accreditation issued by the Branch of FSBI "46 the Central research Institute" of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

To order services for electronic components checking contact our manager in any way and specify the required testing type.

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