Doing certification tests

IPC SpecAvtomatiki has the necessary accreditation to perform test activities for the functionality of the electronic component base (electronic component base) of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Features of the test

An assessment of the technical capabilities and reliability of electronic components is necessary to confirm the feasibility and safety of its use in the production of specialized electronic products on the territory of the Russian Federation. Certification is an official procedure that confirms compliance with GOST, TU standards and other regulatory documents. In the course of the certification analysis, the object is examined by means of measurement, application of various loads and other influences. Based on the results, an act is drawn up and an independent opinion is issued.

Stages of certification:

  • receiving a client's request for testing;
  • analysis of the initial information provided by the customer;
  • preparation of technical specifications for the performance of work and its coordination with the client;
  • conclusion of an official contract with a list of services provided;
  • direct carrying out of certification tests:
  • input, parametric, functional control;
  • testing using mechanical stress;
  • research under the influence of climatic factors;
  • preparation of a report and conclusion with the transfer of documentation to the customer.

Benefits of our services

Our company is accredited in the system of voluntary certification of radio electronic equipment, electrical radio products and materials, while it has many years of experience in this area. The reliability and objectivity of certification tests is ensured by the technical equipment of the laboratory.

To order the services of the IPC SpecAvtomatiki, you need to call us or send an electronic application in any form. Depending on the type of tests, we will develop an appropriate program, select methods and professionally carry out all the tests provided.

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