Doing certification and additional tests

Certification is an official procedure resulting in confirmation of product compliance with quality and safety requirements specified in GOST, specifications and other regulatory documents. A certificate of compliance is given as a result of certification.

Certification tests are a stage of the conformity assessment, which is necessary to get a conclusion of compliance and it includes the study of the object with the help of various effects: measurement, analysis, evaluation. After the test the testing laboratories and centers draw up a conclusion of compliance in the form of test report and draw up a deed.

The task of certification tests is to get quantitative or qualitative product characteristics assessments.

The additional test is made up on the basis of the customer's application, which gives the item under component base, external influencing factors model, the technical requirements on the component base and the the customer's additional requirements.

The service is ordered by sending an e-mail filled in an any form with an indication of the sort of tests for which a test program and methodology is necessary to be developed. You can also leave an order in the form below or call us.

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