Full list of tests

Testing laboratory

  • Full list of tests
  • Doing certification and additional tests
  • Checking imported electrical products for counterfeit goods
  • X-ray and television control
  • Vibration effects test
  • Moisture test
  • Temperature factors influence test
  • Full list of tests
  • Functional testing
  • Vibration stability test by sinusoidal or random broad-band vibration
  • Vibration test by sinusoidal or random broad-band vibration
  • Impact resistance test under multiple mechanical impact of the group of performance
  • Impact stability test for multiple mechanical mpacts of the group of performance
  • A single blow effect test
  • Sinusoidal vibration test with increased acceleration amplitude
  • Exposure to high operating temperature test
  • Exposure to high limiting temperature test
  • Low operating temperature test
  • Exposure to low limiting temperature test
  • Temperature effect changes test
  • Exposure to high humidity test
  • Reliability test
  • Compliance test with overall, installation and mounting dimensions
  • Visual check
  • Mass checking
  • Marking quality control
  • Strength testing of packaging
  • Exposure to clearing solvents test
  • Storability test
  • Non-destructive x-ray control
  • The combination test:
  • wet heat (static and cyclic)
  • exposure to low temperature, low air pressure and high humidity with raised temperatures
  • The effect of atmospheric condensed precipitation test (frost and dew)
  • The of condensation and internal icing effect test
  • Critical frequencies determining test
  • Test for checking of critical frequences absence in a given range

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