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Why is it profitable to work with the «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki»?

Concluding a contract with the «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki» a client saves time getting detailed documentation, complex purchase of materials and components, manufacturing and assembly of the high quality finished product in a closed technological cycle. Price policy lets you set attractive prices for services.

Availability of mechanical processing

It is possible to produce metal articles with electroplating, powder coating and marking of products.

Who are the main customers of the «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki»?

The main customers are OJSC "JDC-Klimov", CJSC "Institute of network technologies", JSC "Kronshtadt Group", OJSC " SPA "Spark", OJSC " RPE " Radar MMS"

Can the «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki» take an urgent order?

The high qualification of the company's personnel gives us an opportunity to carry out full preparation and development of production of any urgency.

Production capacity

The company occupies the territory of more than 1000 square meters. The company has highly qualified personnel taking annual certification, the company is equipped with modern professional equipment making possible to perform a full cycle of technological operations.

Is it possible to see the works of «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki»?

Choosing «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki» as a potential contractor, sales department specialists organize a work excursion, since works visiting is an essential part of cooperation with partner customers of the company. During the tour a part of the product manufacturing cycle will be demonstrated. If it is necessary, Quality control department employees can be invited to the meeting

Availability of an automatic installation line

Yes it is available. There is a universal component installer MY 100. 7 zone convection reflow system.

Is it possible to manufacture non-series products for the specific needs of the customer?

Yes, the production of «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki» has its own design bureau, making possible to modernize products and do experimental design works.

Availability of military acceptance

Yes, it is available. The company works with 192 military representations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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