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The company specializes in the development and production of electronic equipment for aviation and the Navy.

The main products are equipment of warship communication systems and automatic regulation and control of aeroengines. Having worked for many years our company confirmed the high quality of the products. The organization is able to produce various electronic products in a short time.

The company has modern equipment, the necessary set of licenses and certificates, and a fixed military representation of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation. A testing laboratory accredited in the system "Elektrosert", able to perform a large set of tests is taken into the structure of the organization.

The main task of the company is to free up customer resources and make the complex process of development and production into a simple one.

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Official licenses and certificates of «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki»

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The company takes care of its employees, sends them for skills training improvement every year, that is why every specialist of «IPC SpetsAvtomatiki» is a pro in the field!
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The military representation of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation is assigned to LLC "IPC Spetsavtomatiki".
The company meets all the requirements of 275-Fedaral act in the execution of the state defense order
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LLC “Engineering and production center for Special Automatiki” was organized.

License from the Ministry of industry and trade for the development, production, testing and repair of aviation equipment was received.

The quality management system was certified for compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011, GOST RV 0015-002-2012 and SRPP VT standards and a certificate of compliance was obtained.

The military representation of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation was assigned to IPCSA.

The main technological and testing equipment was purchased. Renovation of the spaces was completed.

Production of helicopter engine control units for UEC-Klimov JSC was mastered, the first contracts for the supply of products were signed.

The volume of deliveries to JSC “UEC-Klimov” was increased, production was mastered and the first deliveries to JSC “EAST”, JSC “Radar-MMS”, “Kotlin-Innovator”, NPP “System”, JSC “Spark” were made.

Additional monitoring equipment was purchased including an x-ray monitoring unit.

A section for vibration tests was organized.

The FSB License to carry out work using information constituting a state secret was obtained.

The volume of deliveries to JSC “IST” was increased, work on the joint development of a specialized hardware platform with JSC “EAST” was done.

The automated installation line was purchased and put into operation.

Production of components and semi-finished products of the RD-93 aircraft engine control unit was mastered.

Work with “Radar MMS” and JSC “Radioavionika” was carried out.

The volume of deliveries for JSC “IST” was increased.

A testing laboratory as part of IPCSA was established, the certificate of accreditation of the testing center in the system of voluntary certification «Electronsert» was obtained.

Work with “I. Rumyantsev MPO” was carried out . The development of production and delivery of components and semi-finished products for the RD-33 aircraft engine control unit was carried out.

License from the Ministry of industry and trade for development, production, testing, installation, installation, and maintenance.maintenance, repair, disposal and sale of weapons and military equipment was received.

Development of production and delivery of components and semi-finished products for the RD-33MK aircraft engine control unit was carried out.

Work with JSC “EAST "on the joint development of the product "access Router" was completed .

At the beginning of the year the total area of the company's premises was 1,011 sq. m.

All State contracts for 2019 were executed on time.

Since 2013, as of December 2019, more than 100 contracts have been executed and the number of products sold included 10,418 units.

The company's strategy for 5 years was approved.

Work to increase brand awareness started. A new identity was developed, a new website was launched, and the company became present in the social networks VK, instagram and youtube.

 For the first time the company participated in the “International Military Maritime salon” in St. Petersburg and at “MAKS 2019” in Moscow.

Articles about the company were published in specialized publications.

 IPCSA was accepted in members of the OOOR "SoyuzMash Rossii".

 The work on upgrading the vibration testing area was completed.

On the eve of the New year 17 employees were awarded a "Letter of Thanks for 5 years working period  in IPCSA.

The company has fulfilled its obligations under the state defense order. Products for the needs of the Army and Navy have been delivered on time .

The company quickly adapted to the new mode of operation under quarantine. All jobs were saved in the pandemic mode.

Agreements with potential customers have been reached.

The testing laboratory was certified in the "46 Central research Institute" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

IPCSA took part in the forum "Army 2020".

Reached TOP positions in search engines.

Fulfillment of state defense orders.

Mastering new types of products.

Participation in "IMDS 2021", forum "Army", "MAKS" and other events.

Support for TOP positions in search engines.

Redesign of the identity.

Increased brand loyalty.


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CPC SpetsAvtomatiki - is a team of young professionals who know their business! We keep our finger on the pulse, follow all the trends in electronics and the world as a whole, visit the TOP exhibitions and salons.

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